Stainless steel clothes rail select, measure and order



Whether due to relocation, lack of space or enjoyment of a perfectly matched and exclusive stainless steel clothes rail, a new, custom made clothes rail from ULI is best for your wardrobe.

ULI wardrobes custom makes your clothes rail of stainless steel

Whatever your reason for choosing a ULI wardrobe rail, your choice is the right one. All basic shapes can conveniently be ordered in the online shop. For bigger projects we are also happy to help customers measure the room and provide advice and practical help at any time.

1. Clothes rail or wardrobe rail for wall mounting and ceiling mounting, which shape is the best?

The best place - where could your new ULI shape hang?

  • in the hall area as a wardrobe rail for guests
  • in the kitchen under the cabinets as a classy kitchen rail with hooks for utensils
  • in the wardrobe as a stainless steel clothes rail
  • hang something outside on stainless steel.
There are a thousand ways to utilise a ULI shape. Once you have found a suitable location for your new wardrobe or clothes rail, you can thinking about which is the best ULI shape in this location for your purposes. Find out below which shape is best.

No formality - which shape is best?

To make the right choice, you should note the following:

Walls/ceilings that can bear weight: Wooden walls or ceilings offer a stable surface from a thickness of 2 cm. Concrete, brick or stone are also viable. Our screws are also made of stainless steel and have a solid and large diameter. The brackets can be stably attached to concrete (or similar) with screw anchors and screws which we deliver. For wooden walls/ceilings we deliver screws with the appropriate length, depending on how thick the wood is..
Stability: The most stable mounting position of the U shape is the ceiling. The most stable mounting position of the L shape is the wall/ceiling. The force absorption is distributed optimally in this mounting position. The brackets and connectors of ULI wardrobes are particularly stable because the screws are secured with 2 setscrews and are not welded. In this way the ULI shape has maximum stability as well as reusability when your stainless steel wardrobe rail needs to be smaller or larger.
Distance to the wall: The wardrobe rail should be more than half a coat hanger width, i.e. about 33-40cm from the wall, so that the clothes will not hit the wall. For the U shape and L shape select and appropriate length for the leg b (L-shape) and b / c (with the U-shape) (only with wardrobe rail/clothes rail wall mounting).
Height: Clothes should hang at a comfortable height for guests and even more so for the residents of the space. The smallest adult should be able to reach the rail a with raised arm and hanger at a 45 ° angle. We recommend using an extra rail for children.

Ceiling mounting or jutting out as wall mounting

If no wall is nearby and the clothes are to be hung in that space, a ceiling installation of the wardrobe rail is a stable solution. With a sufficiently stable ceiling our system can also carry more weight using a ceiling mount rather than with a wall mounting. The U shape can also be used for a pure wall mounting.
The longer the sides b and c are, the higher the forces taken on by the brackets. The brackets are extra stable, made from V4A with an extra long shaft. If you attaching the U shape as a wall mounting on a brick wall, there are virtually no limits. Note the leverage.

Order U-Form

As a niche installation from wall-to-wall or hanging from the ceiling to the wall


If you have found a niche where the new clothes rail should hang, you opt for the L shape. Whether the L is mounted wall-to-wall or from the ceiling to the wall, depends on the application and the room aesthetics. Read the points "a formality" again.

Order L-Form

As a wardrobe assembly or between two walls
A capital "I" means that the clothes rail is mounted to fit between 2 walls. Whether these are wardrobe walls or room walls, simply select the matching screws. Lengths from 170 cm for higher loads (> 40 blouses/shirts or 15 coats) should be reinforced with an intermediate support to the wall or ceiling/ceiling slope. Order the I shape with intermediate support as a custom shape.

Order I-Form

Long I shape as custom shape inquiry

Free floating wall mounting
A small "i" means that the stainless steel clothes rail is just attached to one wall. The I shape should only be ordered with a pipe length of maximum of 60cm. If the i shape is attached to a brick wall, longer dimensions may be used. Note the leverage here.

Order i-Form

2. Determine the size of the clothes rail

The size of the clothes rail or wardrobe rail can be determined quickly. Measure the space incl. stainless steel wall bracket or ceiling bracket. All measurements are listed in centimetres. The ULI system is designed so that depending on the shape and pipe position there is 2-20mm leeway. In this way you can install the ULI shape accurately.

Example for measuring and sizing

  • Measure 113.6 cm, enter 114.
  • Measure 113.2 cm, enter 113.

As a note you can print Custom build clothes rails - PDF.

clothes rail

The desired height (measurement b, c) is derived from the distance between the outer edge of the elbow piece and the ceiling/wall. If the wardrobe should bridge a wall projection or the ceiling has a step, then you can also order different dimensions for b and c. The wardrobe is made to fit the space and the clothes hang straight. According to your wishes. Write down these measurements.

The desired width (measurement a) is derived from the distance between the outer edges of the clothes rail wall or stainless steel ceiling bracket. Write down this measure of the width a

Order U-Form
L shape stainless steel wardrobe rail

The desired height (measurement b) is derived from the distance between the outer edge of the elbow piece and the ceiling/wall. Make sure that the bracket has a 2.5 cm overhang to the dimensions of a and b, so that the bracket can be fastened. This plays a role when the brackets are to be directly adjacent to corners, edges or walls.

The desired width (measurement a) is derived from the distance between the stainless steel plate of the bracket and the outer edge of the other bracket. Write down this measure of width a.

Order L-Form
I shape as stainless steel clothes rail

The desired length (a) between the walls incl. wall bracket gives the length to be entered for a. Write down this measurement. Note the information from assembly point "4. Mount ULI SHAPE / special case I shape".

Order I shape
Kleiderstange Wand

The length of the wall to the end of the pipe gives the desired total length of the i-shape. Make sure that the bracket has a 2.5 cm overhang, so that the bracket can be fastened properly. This plays a role when the brackets are to be directly adjacent to corners, edges or walls.

Order i shape

3. Select the appropriate accessories for your wardrobe rail

ULI shape screws
Select the screw length based on how thick the surface is. A wooden board with a thickness of 20mm can accommodate a 19mm screw. If you have an stone surface, then you choose bricks and concrete screws. We deliver screw anchors and high quality screws alongside your ULI clothes rail.

The ULI shape in perfection
The matching Allen key is included to mount the items firmly. We offer a stainless steel care set for a perfect result. After the mounting is complete, you can use the oil and the polishing glove to polish the ULI. Your ULI deserves it.

And the great thing about all ULI shapes is that ULI wardrobes...

  • can also be used outdoors. Even saltwater does not affect ULI shapes which remain as good as new.
  • are expandable or modular. If you move or your ULI clothes rail has simply become too small, then you can order an extension from us by phone. In this way ULI can last a lifetime and you do not need to throw away the expensive material like welded clothes rails. ULI is almost indestructible, ULI is made of stainless steel.
  • shipped with sustainable packaging. Our packaging is made from 100% recyclable cardboard.

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