Custom build // stainless steel clothes rail

You can individually customise the ULI clothes rail. The following components are available:

Bracket 90°

Clothes rail - 90° Bracket

Angle 90°

Clothes rail - 90° Angle

T-piece 90°

Clothes rail  - 90° T-piece

End piece

Clothes rail - End piece

3D angle

Clothes rail - 3D angle


Clothes rail - Cross


This is how it works // make a sketch & receive an offer

  1. Download our sketch sheet and print it out.
  2. Draw your ULI custom shape with dimensions in centimetres on our sketch sheet by hand and give us indications about screws and collection, as well as making reference to yourself in the form header.
  3. When you have drawn the sketch by hand, scan or photograph it.
  4. Send us your sketch by email to:
  5. Within 2 working days we will draw up an offer for your ULI CUSTOM shape according to your wishes. Sometimes we have a good idea, which we will then propose to you at the same time.

Examples // different ULI custom builds from our customers

Clothing store in Innsbruck uses T shape as stable clothes stand.

Restaurant chain uses the V shape (or double U shape) as a guest wardrobe rail.

Doctor's practice with U and L 3D shape. A chic ULI wardrobe rail for the waiting room.

International hotel chain equipped hotel suites with a special grid shape. The wardrobe rail also offers a hanging rail for children as it is height adjustable. A valuable detail for the family target group.

Hamburg design agency: designing a cage shape as a wardrobe rail for the hall of a villa in Hamburg-Blankenese. The fitted wooden board made of moor oak is reflected in the mirror finish pipes of the ULI custom build. ULI thinks this is a great idea!

ULIBOOK // custom shapes

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