Assembly instructions

It's that simple:

Build your ULI shape. Slide the pipes to the hole in the bracket and pull the pipe back 3-5 mm - this allows for subsequent fine-tuning.

Tighten the setscrew using the Allen key supplied. Aestheticians should make sure that the Allen screws or setscrews are not directly visible afterwards.


This step is best done with a friend: Take a pencil. Position your ULI shape at the selected location and press the bracket of the ULI shape securely. Draw a light circle in the holes of the bracket. You have now marked the boreholes and the ULI shape can be mounted at this location later.


Choose a suitable drill.

  • for wooden walls, use a 3mm drill
  • for brick/concrete walls, use a 5-6mm drill
Drill the holes::
  • 75mm - for concrete screws
  • 15mm - for wooden screws
If you use concrete screws, you can now insert the screw anchors so that the collar of the screw anchor is on the edge of the wall.
If the walls are made of plasterboard, ask us for the right cavity wall screw anchors.

For U, L or I shapes you proceed as follows:

  1. Hold the assembled ULI shape at the desired location.
  2. Screw the brackets of the ULI shape to the pre-drilled location using the enclosed screws.
  3. If there are slight inaccuracies in the drilling positions, loosen the setscrews. In this way you gain some space to align the bracket again.
  4. Tighten the setscrew.
For the I shape you proceed as follows:
“While measuring you probably already noticed that the pipe is 2 cm shorter than the length you specified for side (a). The reason for this is now explained.”
  1. Take the pipe and pull the two brackets over it. Make sure that the setscrews do not damage the pipe. Slightly fasten the brackets approximately 2 cm before the end of the pipe using the outer screw.
  2. Take a cordless screwdriver with a bit PH3 and position the I shape in front of the drill holes.
  3. Loosen the setscrews and slide the brackets to press against the walls. Fasten the brackets with the setscrews.
  4. Fasten the I shape with one screw on each side.
  5. Now you can fasten the remaining screws.
  6. Check the setscrews once more to finish.



Finally, the ULI can be polished with the enclosed refresh set, if you have ordered this.


Now we look forward to a photo of your new ULI. Send your photos to: photo will be put in the hall of fame, better known as our ULI book.

Best regards from the ULI team

Kleiderstange Edelstahl made in germany